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Kyle Holzhauer has an inspiring story…

He began trading Bitcoin with the goal of helping to pay off his student loan debt. And thanks to hard work and trading the right methodology, he was able to start building wealth and pay off his student loans quickly.

Here’s what Kyle had to say about his experience trading Bitcoin:

“I began trading cryptocurrencies in 2013 – at the end of my college semester. I made MASSIVE mistakes, but only traded with $100.

I found your videos soon after – and kept trading with small amounts until I gained more confidence (even thought I just wanted to get right into it). I was definitely holding myself back.

I ended up making around $2700 – cashing out toward loans about a year and half ago took a couple months off – then bought back in with $480 dollars when bitcoin hit $160… with your trading and motivational videos, I was able to trade that $480 all the way up to about $50,000.”

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