#Bitcoin crash?!? Another “Bart Simpson” pattern creates massive sell-off! Where do we go from here? New investors worried over $BTC whales, $TRX has an impressive week, $QTUM atomic swaps, Dow Jones bot trades, Bitcoin halving, crypto news, and more!

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1:19 Markets: 📉
3:39 How to trade the “Bart Simpson” pattern:
4:49 Running bitcoin:
5:57 Hal Finney is Satoshi?
6:42 BitcoinTalk post:
7:42 Bitcoin bouncing between $4k and $5k:
8:26 Why did we lose $8 billion?
8:49 Jeffrey Gundlach sees a 25% gain:
10:26 BTC halvening chart:
11:12 Mark Dow short:
12:43 Bitcoin whales are worrisome:
14:42 DX Exchange security flaw:
16:37 Why are you shouting?
16:54 Minor vulnerabilities:
18:13 Ethereum (ETH) Constantinople:
18:56 Tron (TRX) surges!
20:01 Santander loves Ripple (XRP):
20:52 QTUM introduces BTC atomic swaps:
21:53 Dow Jones infected with trading bots?
24:24 OTC remains bullish:

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Central Banks Swapping Gold for Bitcoin?!? OTC $BTC Buy Orders UP! French Bank Run

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