So… Is China NOT banning Bitcoin now?!? Did BITMAIN lie to their investors? Poloniex controversy, Binance charity receives $3 Million from $TRX, Esprezzo chooses ERC-20 for its token, Canadian crypto adoption, VISA, crypto news, and more!

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0:44 Markets
1:31 China Hasn’t Banned Bitcoin?
3:22 BTC adoption in Canada is up:
4:08 VISA on crypto:
4:54 Unchained:
8:01 ???? Tim Draper: $250k BTC by 2022:
8:22 ⚠️ Poloniex Concerns:
9:33 Blockfolio 2.0:
10:11 Waltonchain (WTC) news:
11:10 XRP tip bot & Binance (BNB) Charity x Tron (TRX):
11:50 Monero (XMR) fees lowered:
12:14 ChainZilla (ZILLA) x NIX:
12:51 Crypto Zombie x ChainZilla:
13:08 WAVES gameng campaign:
13:59 Esprezzo to use ERC-20 for tokens:
15:15 Coinbase IPO:
16:24 Bitmain IPO problems:
17:57 Project Jasper:
19:03 Mastercard patents:
20:26 Ledger x Blockchain = Lockbox:
21:07 This is a scam:

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