Bitcoin Demand EXPLODES! It’s INSANE What NEW Money is Paying for Bitcoin!
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Intro Credit:

3:30 Markets 〽️
4:57 The chart no one is looking at:
6:41 Correlations between crypto:
7:43 Greyscale metrics:
8:22 Greyscale owns 1% of all BTC:
9:14 GBTC soars:
11:40 Harvard invests in crypto:
12:27 The upside of BTC:
14:42 Purchasing power of the dollar:
15:56 Crypto vs BSV:
20:20 Donate to Hodlonaut:
21:01 Store:
21:07 Lightning torch donation:
21:30 Divi LN:
23:10 Litecoin (LTC) hashrate at ATH:
23:26 2,500x returns?!?
24:46 France BTC progression:

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor. This is not financial advice. This is just my opinion. This video contains a sponsored segment for UTEX Exchange. Always do your own research before investing. I am not responsible for your trades…

Bitcoin Indicator Hasn’t Done THIS in 3 Years!!! Should You Be Worried?! Bakkt Update

Watch this video again because it’s awesome:

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