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Buy Crypto Sell, is a new Africa-based instant peer to peer exchange, that is finally giving users of exchanges like Paxful more options.

Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Local Bitcoins were instrumental in spurring early adoption of coins like Bitcoin. However, recent years have seen many African users start scrambling for alternatives. Launching this May, Buy Crypto Sell is that alternative.

Buy Crypto Sell – A More Secure Peer to Peer Exchange

At Buy Crypto Sell, you buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies peer to peer. This means you don’t buy coins from the exchange — you buy coins from other exchange users.

There are several benefits of buying cryptocurrency this way:

  • When you buy crypto at Buy Crypto Sell, transactions settle faster than at regular, centralized exchanges.
  • You have more payment options. As well as being able to buy crypto with credit cards, you can pay using gift cards, cash, and bank transfer.
  • You can save on high instant cryptocurrency exchange fees by trading different cryptocurrencies directly peer to peer. 

Many of these benefits exist with another peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange platforms. However, using most can be high-risk.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin Instantly and More Securely

In 2019, peer to peer exchange Paxful began an intensive marketing campaign targeting African crypto traders. However, shortly after, the exchange began banning the accounts of several users. 

In the process, the exchange allegedly froze millions of dollars of cryptocurrency belonging to African platform users. Neither are stories like this anything new.

  • Brands like Local Bitcoins assure their users that they are the best instant crypto exchange online. However, sudden, indiscriminate account bans are common.
  • Scams on existing peer to peer exchange platforms are common.
  • Because scams are so commonplace, people selling coins on peer to peer exchanges often charge premium prices.

Thankfully, Buy Crypto Sell makes buying and selling cryptocurrency safer for exchange users. 

Why is Buy Crypto Sell the Best New Paxful Alternative?

Why Buy Crypto Sell is the best alternative to another peer to peer cryptocurrency exchanges is simple. 

As well as supporting a wide range of payment options, Buy Crypto Sell stores all cash and crypto funds in secure Escrow accounts while transactions are in progress. 

By incorporating an Escrow service into the platform, the risk of falling victim to scams is far lower than on another peer to peer exchanges. 

Buy Crypto Sell also has a fully transparent account verification policy. This means that if you verify your account in line with Buy Crypto Sell terms and conditions, you will never have to worry about account freezes or suspensions.

Who Is Buy Crypto Sell?

Buy Crypto Sell is a new instant peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange brought to market by Frank Nii Okanta Ankrah.

Originally from Ghana, Frank Nii Okanta Ankrah is one of Africa’s foremost cryptocurrency market pioneers. In 2019, Frank was successful in launching Africa and the Internet’s first cryptocurrency-based advertising platform, Today, less than a year after launching, the platform boasts over 23,000 users.

Buy Crypto Sell is a Peer to Peer Exchange Putting Africa First

With Buy Crypto Sell, Frank Nii Okanta Ankrah’s vision is to give African cryptocurrency traders and investors a more high-trust alternative to existing, overseas peer to peer exchanges.

It’s time for Africans to be able to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency safer online. Buy Crypto Sell makes this possible. To sign up and get started Free today, click here.

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