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  • Destiny 2 held its first live community event earlier this month.
  • It’s possible we’ll see two factions form within the game.
  • That sounds oddly familiar… and it’s not the only uncanny similarity.

Earlier this month, Destiny 2 debuted its very first Fortnite-style live community event. And the general response to it was… meh.

Still, this was something that Bungie has been wanting to do with the game for a while, and it was nice to see it happen. It’s a good start that the developers can build on.

But the studio wasn’t done grabbing elements from other games. Because after cribbing from Fortnite, they copied a few ideas from a different – but just as popular – online multiplayer game: World of Warcraft.

For the Horde… er, Light!

Paul Tassi over at Forbes recently published an insightful column regarding the current and (possibly) upcoming changes to Destiny 2 as the game begins to lead into its next expansion, Beyond Light.

Destiny’s ultimate villains, the Darkness, have been teased since the very first game – and they’re finally showing up. Tassi seems to feel like we’re going to see a split between characters, much like WoW’s Horde/Alliance schism.

I’m willing to bet I speak for plenty of longtime fans when I say that we don’t want to play another Fortnite/WoW rip-off. | Source: Bungie

This is starting to feel like a trend.

Sure, if you’re going to borrow elements from other games, you could do a lot worse than Fortnite or WoW.

And it’s hard to fault Bungie for making changes that they feel their player base is going to enjoy. As a fairly regular Destiny 2 player, I can’t say the possibilities don’t intrigue me.

On the other hand, I was originally drawn to the game in the first place because I had never played anything like it before. Not because I needed more Fortnite and World of Warcraft in my life.

I’m Worried Destiny 2 Is Making a Big Mistake

When Bungie split from Activision and began controlling and publishing Destiny 2 on their own, fans like me were excited at the possibilities.

Without a huge corporate behemoth to answer to, we figured that Bungie would take some big risks and try new things. Making the base game – now called “New Light” – free to play was a really good start.

As it stands, though, consider me concerned.

Call me an alarmist if you want. But I’m willing to bet I speak for plenty of longtime fans when I say that we don’t want to play another Fortnite/WoW rip-off.

We want to play Destiny 2.

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Last modified: June 29, 2020 8:30 PM UTC

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