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  • Jennifer Garner finished watching “The Office.”
  • She posted a video of herself crying like a baby when her binge-session ended.
  • Of all the shows on television, “The Office” is probably the least deserving of Garner’s tears.

You know something? I like Jennifer Garner. Ever since she divorced Ben Affleck, she’s led a quiet, normal life filled with children, delicious recipes, and Capital One credit card commercials.

We have no choice but to stan an unproblematic queen – but sadly, no one is perfect.

I can’t help but ask her to check herself over her embarrassing reaction to the end of her “The Office” binge-watching spree. Watch it here:

‘The Office’ Isn’t That Funny, Jennifer Garner

While the U.S. version of “The Office” has gained a bit of a cult following in recent years, someone has to say it: It’s really not that funny.

Don’t get me wrong: the British version of “The Office” – which starred Ricky Gervais and gave him a worldwide career – was hilarious. It gave a satirical look into mid-level management, clueless office managers, and out-of-touch suburbanites.

Check out the highlight reel below to see what real comedy looks like:

Just like “Absolutely Fabulous,” “The Office” could only truly work in its British incarnation.

Thankfully, no one has successfully made an American version of “Absolutely Fabulous” (although some godless heathens have tried – and failed – at this mortal sin).

The American version of “The Office” – which was a fine enough career accelerator for future Oscar nominee Steve Carrell, future SAG Award winner John Krasinski, and future New York Times best-selling author Rainn Wilson – just doesn’t land the same punch as its British forefather.

Sure, it’s an unparalleled goldmine for reaction GIF creators. Take the show as a whole, though, and it’s decidedly meh.

Honestly, if the American version of “The Office” were any drier, it’d be a menopause commercial.

So what, exactly, is Jennifer Garner crying about?

Deep Breaths, Girl

the office isn't funny
While the U.S. version of “The Office” has gained a bit of a cult following in recent years, it’s really not that funny. | Source: AP Photo/Laura Rauch

The pandemic is getting to everybody. We can all feel it.

That explains Jennifer Garner’s cringeworthy (and frankly, unnecessary) reaction to the end of her binge-watching of “The Office” – but it doesn’t excuse it.

If ever there was a reason to wear your mask so we can get this COVID-19 pandemic over with, let this be it.

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