Crypto traders rely on several tools to help predict future Bitcoin price action and trend changes. Few tools have been as reliable over the years as the TD Sequential indicator, created by market timing expert Thomas Demark.

The few times this tool has failed on the highest timeframes, Bitcoin has absolutely exploded in the months following. Is this time different and the sell signal its giving will be reliable? Or will this be the last chance to buy Bitcoin below its former all-time high of $20,000?

Bitcoin Triggers Rare Sell Signal That Once Failed Kicked Off The Bull Market

Bitcoin is one of the most volatile assets historically, due to its speculative nature and rise from literally nothing to nearly $20,000 in 2017.

The cryptocurrency is picking up steam again, and another bull market could be beginning. As the first of its kind, Bitcoin is just over a decade old and has only two previous TD Sequential indicator on monthly timeframes, perfected an “8” sell setup, prior to also perfecting a “9” set up as well.

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Typically, a TD 9 signal suggests trends are nearing exhaustion, and the tool has been reliable all throughout the but is this time different?

The monthly TD Sequential indicator has perfected an “8” sell setup, and a “9” could be next | Source: BLX on

Fool Me Twice: Don’t Fall For the TD Sequential In A Crypto Bull Market

In 2013, when the TD Sequential indicator perfected an “8” and “9” sell setup, doing so would have been a grave mistake. Selling there would have missed an 8,000% rally.

Years later, when the more extended another 4,700% after the perfected setups. Again, selling would have been disastrous as an investor. During the 2017 rally, the TD Sequential even triggered a “13” countdown sell setup, which means the trend is severely overextended.

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Yet, it still couldn’t take Bitcoin down, and instead spiked from $3,000 to $20,000 five months later.

The TD “8” has been perfected, and another higher high next month would perfect the “9.” Then it is watch and wait, to see if the sell signal works this time or if another multi-thousand percent impulse move follows.

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