Bitcoin remains below its high set earlier in the week, but out of nowhere, Litecoin has surged an additional 13% today alone, capping off a 33% green week for the previously lagging altcoins.

But why is the decimated most altcoins, dealing a devastating blow to the alternative crypto tokens and causing dominance to rise to two-thirds of the total market cap.

Altcoins are seemingly in trouble, except for one light in all the darkness: Litecoin. Even Bitcoin today couldn’t revive its bullish momentum enough to set a new peak. Yet Litecoin has added 13% to its value today alone, taking the once lagging LTCUSD on

In the past week alone, Litecoin has risen 33%, and it could only be the start. The fact that the hard-capped the somber altcoin market once again.

But why, aside from previous underperformance being made up for, is the asset so suddenly bullish.

The PayPal Effect And Picture Perfect Technicals Suggest LTC Will Outperform Bitcoin

The impact that PayPal including Litecoin will have on the price per LTC cannot be overstated. Bitcoin is four times as scarce as Litecoin but is also 225 times more expensive per leaves room for just 0.02 LTC per user.

And at a cost of just $80, compared to $18,000, $490, and $250 for the other coins listed, Litecoin is bound to shine.

ltcusd litecoin

Bullish Litecoin signals stack up against the dollar | Source: LTCUSD on

But technicals also back up the asset’s bullishness on both the USD and BTC pairs.  Against the dollar, LTC is breaking up out of a long-term symmetrical triangle, and an inverse head and shoulders bottoming pattern.

There’s also an enormous “Adam and Eve” bottom, consisting of a sharp, V-shaped bounce, followed by a more prolonged, rounded structure.

Coinciding with the chart patterns, indicators also point to massive upside, with the first target being $150. The Average Directional Index, used to measure trend strength, shows that bulls are in control by crossover the green DMI line. The ADX itself is rising beyond the key reading of 20, which confirms a new trend is brewing.

The Relative Strength Index is also rising into bull market territory for the first since Litecoin’s halving in 2019. When the RSI on weekly timeframes reaches this level, another between 60% and 1300% rally has followed.


Hidden bear div on RSI and wedge breakout, coinciding with TD 13 buy setup and more | Source: LTCBTC on

The Bitcoin trading pair against LTC, also is equally as bullish, while the rest of the Bollinger Bands, which suggests at least a push to the upper band if this Sunday night’s close is still higher than the midline.

There’s also a massive hidden bullish divergence on the RSI, just as it breaks upward, and last week’s sweep of lows against BTC, triggered a TD Sequential “13” buy setup.

The last 13 caused LTC to bounce toward its 2019 highest against BTC, but a second one failed after the high was set. If the third time is the charm, Litecoin will outperform the rest of the market for quite some time, given how bullish it is against BTC, and how bearish the rest of the altcoin space is.

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