Investing in Bitcoin in 2020 offers you an opportunity of a lifetime. Not only is there a high likelihood that your purchasing power will increase exponentially BUT you’re also contributing to the rebirth of society.

That might sound far-fetched but, I truly believe that Bitcoin will disrupt the very fabric of our society and ultimately become the largest store of value in the world.

Bitcoin is the first non-corruptible store of value that doesn’t leak value at a rate defined by a small group of power-hungry individuals. This is profound. In a world awash with massive levels of debt AND unprecedented levels of FIAT currency printing, nothing is more important than Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a life raft and offers my generation the investment opportunity of a LIFETIME.

In this important video, I explain in simple terms what Bitcoin is and why you should invest in Bitcoin for the long-term. I also discuss:

-Bitcoin’s value proposition and its unprecedented level of scarcity.
-I cover what I call Bitcoin’s ‘number go up technology’ and how the Bitcoin halving drives the price to new all-time highs.
-I give you my expectation for the future price of Bitcoin; and
-I share a narrative beyond bitcoin being a just get rich quick scheme and something in fact much more important.

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0:00 – Intro
1:54 – Lead-in
4:00 – Bitcoin the opportunity of our lifetime
5:07 – What is Bitcoin
8:11 – Why is Bitcoin important
9:40 – Bitcoins scarcity is unique
10:30 – Take back control
10:59 – Why Bitcoins price is increasing
13:16 – Bitcoin price prediction

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