Here are my thoughts about investing in Bitcoin, based on my experience with crypto investments since 2017. I also included a how to guide on buying Bitcoin and Ethereum. Enjoy!

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00:00 Should you invest in Bitcoin?
01:12 My experience investing in Bitcoin and crypto
02:45 What my crypto portfolio is worth now
02:54 The market in 2020 vs. the Bitcoin bubble in 2017
03:42 Bitcoin vs. Gold
I see a bitcoin investment as a great alternative to owning gold and as a hedge against inflation, in addition to other assets like stocks (I use ETFs) or real estate. Especially right now, with more money being printed out of thin air than ever before. While of course it has nowhere near the thousands of years of history gold has as a store of wealth, Bitcoin has a lot more upside potential.
04:43 How I would invest into Bitcoin and Ethereum today
After deciding the allocation (1-10% of the investment portfolio), I would keep things simple. I would buy Bitcoin with 70% of my funds and put the remaining 30% into Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap.
05:29 Why I would avoid buying altcoins (except Ethereum)
05:57 How to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum
For this, I would only use licensed exchanges that have a good reputation in the community, based in countries with a trustworthy regulatory environment. My favorite exchange is Kraken (based in the US) as they have some of the lowest trading fees. Another option that I like is Bitpanda, based in Austria.
06:42 How to keep your Bitcoin safe
07:15 How Bitcoin taxes work in most countries
This part is often overlooked, but adapting your strategy to your local crypto tax laws can make a significant difference.
08:29 Conclusion & Why I’m bullish on Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Disclaimer: I am only sharing my own experience. I’m not a financial advisor and you should always do your own research and due diligence before investing into anything. Investing involves risk of losses.

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