The team behind the Safex e-commerce blockchain open-source platform announced today they are expanding the ecosystem in which vendors and buyers can perform transactions privately, with relatively frictionless and well-verified digital assets.

Safex people call the platform a “privacy-focused decentralized marketplace” where the use of the Safex token leads to revenue sharing and other opportunities for member holders.

Users are able to generate web stores, in which they can sell items with a connection to the SFT network. They can also invest for long-term returns, and otherwise participate in a new kind of peer-to-peer system that shows what’s possible in the age of the digital With Safex, we’re ushering in an era of censorship-proof, pro-privacy commerce, where small sellers can reach new audiences and be amply rewarded in cryptocurrency, and where incentives are aligned between merchants and the larger community.

Getting Started

Users who want to learn more about the potential of Safex can check out blog posts like “What You Can Buy” to learn more about cryptocurrency-related merchandising. They can dig into the privacy resources to see why the Safex platform is more secure than other exchanges. All of this supports the idea that Safex will eventually become its own animal in a decentralized financial world.

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