Raoul Pal is an advocate for Ethereum and Bitcoin. Pal runs real vision, makes price predictions and interviews. In this video, Raoul makes his case for what the future could hold for society. Mainly what the future investment environment could look like. There is a lot of uncertainty in today’s markets and Raoul believes that it is a very risky period. The everyday person needs to be aware of these risks. Investing is not for the fearful. Raoul believes that has as rates continue to fall and eventually go negatives that investors will need to find returns elsewhere. Capital will always find a return. Raoul believes that crypto and emerging markets will provide that return in the future. Raoul makes a lot of great points in this interview. Take some of the information and apply it to your own life.


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“What If All There Is Was Bitcoin” – Raoul Pal On Bitcoin As A Global Currency

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Be Prepared: Bitcoin is eating the world – Raoul Pal

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