Derived from the Arabic word Caiz, Caizcoin is an Islamic Blockchain platform that provides money transfer services. With a vision to create financial freedom for every individual, Caizcoin offers creative financial solutions. The company facilitates participation in the modern financial world for every person while complying with Islamic values.

What is Caizcoin?

Caizcoin is a decentralized financial platform and cryptocurrency that offers quick, safe, and economical international money transfers. Starting in 2020, the company provides a mutual platform for the Islamic and modern world to perform money transfers on a global level. The company’s ruling principle is to provide financial freedom to people while being compliant with Islamic values.

Caizcoin is the first platform to be officially certified as an Islamic blockchain platform and company. It is compliant with Islamic financial law and also approved by Islamic scholars. The company acts as a beacon of hope as it opens the global cryptocurrency market for Muslims.

Based out of Germany, Caizcoin has an expert team of dynamic global leaders from various industries. The collective skillsets of these individuals ensure the smooth functioning of the company while following Islamic values. Caizcoin is a unique DeFi platform that leverages modern digital technology while staying within the boundaries of Islamic law.

Caizcoin provides additional safety to its users by working out of its own decentralized blockchain. Apart from safe transactions, the company also ensures quick and anonymous ledger accountability and unique growth potential.

What does Caizcoin offer?

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