World’s First Real World NFT Treasure Hunt Launches to Create an Immersive Adventure for the Chance to Own Rare NFT Assets 

San Diego, CALIF. — November 30, 2021 – A new NFT project has  launched that is unlike any other. The Great NFT Treasure Hunt is the world’s first NFT project crossing from the virtual realm into a real-world hidden art adventure. The hunt will give Southern California residents the opportunity to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime experience to become an X Hunter and take home a real treasure: an Invaluable X NFT. 

Each of these 32 rare NFT artworks reside within a unique digital wallet on the Ethereum blockchain.  The passwords to each of these wallets have been placed in envelopes and hidden in secret real-world locations in Southern California, effectively granting ownership rights to whomever finds them first. The Great NFT Treasure Hunt will release daily clues to the secret locations of the NFTs via Twitter, encouraging anyone who dares to join the hunt. Piecing together the clues will lead you to the real-world location where you will discover your well-earned treasure and bragging rights to one hell of a story. 

“There has always been something magical about treasure hunts that everyone loves,” said Cryptographer X, the shadowy figurehead behind the project. “Part of what I hope to accomplish with this project is to illustrate that NFT experiences don’t have to be limited to the digital realm, and hopefully create a community of fun-loving adventurers in the process.”

Today marks the first day of the treasure hunt and the first clue has been shared on the official Twitter account @cryptographer_x

Some of the NFTs are hidden at recognizable Southern California locations, while others are tucked within smaller local gems. The artwork itself is designed to be a hint which will lead you to its own secret location, meaning that it serves not only the treasure you stand to win, but your treasure map as well.  

Each of the 32 Invaluable X artworks has a twin which will be sold off to those who want to be a part of the X Hunter community but aren’t able to participate in the physical hunt.

Go solo if you are big brained, or form an X Hunter friend group for maximum fun, just don’t let your chance to join in on this interactive art experience pass you by. Take part in a community of daring individuals and proudly display your Invaluable X on your Twitter profile as the badge of a true adventurer.

About The Great NFT Treasure Hunt 

Launched in Southern California, The Great NFT Treasure Hunt is a first-of-its kind NFT project crossing from the virtual realm into a real-world hidden art adventure game. The project seeks to 

bring the thrilling experience of a treasure hunt to life for the masses as a way to expand understanding of NFTs and create accessibility to the marketplace for those who may have been priced out of purchasing a rare NFT on their own. For more information, please visit

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